Masugu Kamei

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Guanylate kinase (ATP:(d)GMP phosphotransferase, EC was purified about 200-fold with 4% yield from baker's yeast. The enzyme preparation showed a single band on polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and the molecular weight of the enzyme was calculated to be 25 000 by gel filtration. With ATP as a phosphate donor, the kinase used only GMP as a(More)
Ingestion of the toxic mushroom Boletus venenatus causes a severe gastrointestinal syndrome, such as nausea, repetitive vomiting, diarrhea, and stomachache. A family of isolectins (B. venenatus lectins, BVLs) was isolated as the toxic principles from the mushroom by successive 80% ammonium sulfate-precipitation, Super Q anion-exchange chromatography, and(More)
Lectin-based structural glycomics requires a search for useful lectins and their biochemical characterization to profile complex features of glycans. In this paper, two GlcNAc-binding lectins are reported with their detailed oligosaccharide specificity. One is a classic plant lectin, Griffonia simplicifolia lectin-II (GSL-II), and the other is a novel(More)
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