Masugi Maruyama

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In the search for novel peptides that inhibit the angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE), porcine skeletal troponin was hydrolyzed with pepsin, and the products were subjected to various types of(More)
Hypertension and oxidant stress predispose to the onset and progression of arteriosclerotic diseases. In this study, the components of two kinds of porcine liver hydrolysates (LH-I and LH-II) were(More)
Coagulopathy is one of the major complications following envenomations by crotalid and viperid snakes. The present study was undertaken to examine the effect of a hemorrhagic metalloproteinase in(More)
BACKGROUND Osteoporosis is a bone pathology leading to increased fracture risk and challenging the quality of life. As current treatments can exhibit deleterious side effects, the use of(More)