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We present realization of ternary Toffoli gate and modified Fredkin gate for quantum computing on top of ion trap realizable Muthukrishnan-Stroud primitive gates. Our design methodology is based on first realizing the quantum circuits using generalized ternary gates and Feynman gates and then replacing them with their equivalent realization using(More)
Genome rearrangement algorithms are powerful tools to analyze gene orders in molecular evolution. Analysis of genomes evolving by reversals and transpositions leads to a combinatorial problem of sorting by reversals and transpositions, the problem of finding a shortest sequence of reversals and transpositions that sorts one genome into the other. In this(More)
A convex polyhedron P is equiprojective if, for some k, the orthogonal projection (or “shadow”) of P in every direction, except those directions parallel to faces of P , is a k-gon. We address an open question posed by Shepherd [11], and reported in [5], by characterizing equiprojective polyhedra, and giving an O(n log n) time recognition algorithm.
In a box-drawing of a rooted tree, each node is drawn by a rectangular box of prescribed size, no two boxes overlap each other, all boxes corresponding to siblings of the tree have the same x-coordinate at their left sides, and a parent node is drawn at a given distance apart from its first child. A box drawing of a tree is compact if it attains the minimum(More)
Rett syndrome caused by MeCP2 mutations is a devastating neurodevelopmental disorder accompanied by severe breathing irregularities. Using transduction of organotypic slices from model MeCP2-/y mice with neuron-specific calcium sensor protein D3cpv, we examined the slow calcium buffering in neurons in pre-Bötzinger complex (preBötC), a component of the(More)
Control dependencies are one of the major limitations to increase the performance of pipelined processors. This paper deals with eliminating penalties in pipelined processor. We present our discussion in the light of MIPS pipelined processor architecture. Here we present an improved pipelined processor architecture eliminating branch and jump penalty. In(More)
We present a method of synthesizing Ternary GaloisField (GF(3)) based reversible/quantum logic circuits without any ancillary trits/qutrits and hence without any garbage outputs. We realize multi input ternary Toffoli gate and square functions of GF(3) variables using linear ion trap realizable Muthukrishnan-Stroud (M-S) gates and shift gates in the absence(More)
In the Range Minimum/Maximum Query (RMQ) and Range Maximum-Sum Segment Query (RMSQ) problems, we are given an array which we can preprocess in order to answer subsequent queries. In the RMQ query, we are given a range on the array and we need to find the maximum/minimum element within that range. On the other hand, in RMSQ query, we need to return the(More)