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Air trapped in bubbles in polar ice cores constitutes an archive for the reconstruction of the global carbon cycle and the relation between greenhouse gases and climate in the past. High-resolution records from Antarctic ice cores show that carbon dioxide concentrations increased by 80 to 100 parts per million by volume 600 +/- 400 years after the warming(More)
A series of bis(imino)pyridyliron and -cobalt complexes [[2,6-(CR=NAr)2C5H3N]MX2] (R=H, Me; M=Fe, Co; X=Cl, Br) 8-16 containing imino-aryl rings (Ar) with at least one small ortho substituent, as well as Ar=biphenyl and Ar=naphthyl, has been synthesised. Crystallographic analyses of complexes 9 (Ar = 2,3-dimethylphenyl), 13 and 14 (Ar= biphenyl; X= Cl or(More)
Rhodococcus equi (formerly Corynebacterium equi) are known to be highly virulent, intermediate in virulence, or avirulent correlated with specific virulence-associated antigens identified immunochemically by different molecular weights. The association of virulence antigens with infection of AIDS patients by this organism has not been sufficiently evaluated(More)
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