Massudi Mahmuddin

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1047-3203/$ see front matter Crown Copyright 2 ⇑ Corresponding author at: Computer Science D University Utara Malaysia, 06010 Sintok, Kedah, Mala E-mail address: (A. T Color has been extensively used in the process of image retrieval. The dominant color descriptor (DCD) that was(More)
This paper describes a new application of the Bees Algorithm to the optimisation of a Support Vector Machine (SVM) for the problem of classifying defects in plywood. The algorithm, which is a swarm-based algorithm inspired by the food foraging behaviour of honey bees, was also employed to select the components making up the feature vectors to be presented(More)
Network Intrusion Detection Systems (NIDSs) are widely-deployed security tools for detecting cyber-attacks and activities conducted by intruders for observing network traffics. With the increase in network speed and number and types of attacks, existing NIDSs, face challenges of capturing every packet to compare them to malicious signatures. These(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) technologies are considered as one of the key of the research areas in computer science and healthcare application industries. The wireless body area sensor networks (WBASNs) is a wireless network used for communication among sensor nodes operating on or inside the human body in order to monitor vital body parameters and(More)
This paper discusses the framework of IT (Information Technology) governance in the public sector organizations and the factors that contribute to the implementation of IT governance in the province of Gorontalo, Indonesia. The problem that occurs is the absence of such a framework which can provide the basis, functions and limits for the efficient use of(More)
The quality of the wood is determined by the number of defects and its distribution. In a piece of timber, the most common type of imperfection is called knot that decreases the strength of the wood. Manual selection and classification process of knots is tedious and time consuming job. An automatic sensing machine is able to inspect wood automatically and(More)
Brain is the most important part in the human body controlling muscles and nerves; Electroencephalogram (EEG) signals record brain electric activities. EEG signals capture important information pertinent to different physiological brain states. In this paper, we propose an efficient framework for evaluating the power-accuracy trade-off for EEG-based(More)
Brain status information is captured by physiological electroencephalogram (EEG) signals, which are extensively used to study different brain activities. This study investigates the use of a new ensemble classifier to detect an epileptic seizure from compressed and noisy EEG signals. This noise-aware signal combination (NSC) ensemble classifier combines(More)
Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) has become one of the current technologies in the world of information technology. Coverage and connectivity are the main requirement that reflects the performance and quality of services in WSN applications. In WSN applications with a large scale area, the sensor nodes are deployed randomly in a noninvasive way. The deployment(More)