Massoud Najafi

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A spin-polarized current traversing a ferromagnet with continuously varying magnetization exerts a torque on the magnetization. The nonadiabatic contribution to this spin-transfer torque is currently under strong debate, as its value differs by orders of magnitude in theoretical predictions and in measurements. Here, a measurement scheme is presented that(More)
PURPOSE Robust matching of ultrasound images is a challenging problem as images of the same anatomy often present non-trivial differences. This poses an obstacle for ultrasound guidance in radiotherapy. Thus our objective is to overcome this obstacle by designing and evaluating an image blocks matching framework based on a two channel deep convolutional(More)
PURPOSE Clarity Autoscan ultrasound monitoring system allows acquisition of raw radiofrequency (RF) ultrasound data prior and during radiotherapy. This enables the computation of 3D Quantitative Ultrasound (QUS) tissue parametric maps from. We aim to evaluate whether QUS parameters undergo changes with radiotherapy and thus potentially be used as early(More)
In this paper maximum power control of wind turbine and induction generator connected with two back to back voltage source converters to grid are studied. Machine currents are controlled by indirect vector control method. In this method, generator side converter controls the maximum excitation (air gap flux) by machine's d-axis current and controls(More)
In this research paper coupled operation of power plant and electric energy storage plant is presented. The aim of proposed coupled operation is maximizing overall profit in a deregulated electricity market. The goal of paper is investigating the coupled operation efficiency on increasing of overall profit. In order to reach this goal, the amount of overall(More)
PURPOSE Prostate SABR is emerging as a clinically viable, potentially cost effective alternative to prostate IMRT but its adoption is contingent on providing solutions for accurate tracking during beam delivery. Our goal is to evaluate the performance of the Clarity Autoscan ultrasound monitoring system for inter-fractional prostate motion tracking in both(More)
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