Massoud Moussavi

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What distinguishes the World Bank from commercial banks and bilateral aid agencies is its wealth of development knowledge gained through economic and social development projects. Much of the available development information, however, continues to be scattered across a large number of documents and reports despite recent efforts of the knowledge centers to(More)
A key challenge for policymakers in many developing countries is to decide which intervention or collection of interventions works best to improve learning outcomes in their schools. Our aim is to develop a causal model that explains student learning outcomes in terms of observable characteristics as well as conditions and processes difficult to observe(More)
Documents retrieved in response to a user's query should reflect the intention of the user. Keyword searches are not sufficient to accomplish this task. This paper considers Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) as possible solution. LSI is considered in the context of a large set of World Bank documents. LSI is shown to be useful in this regard, but not a(More)
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