Massood Tabib-Azar

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In this article a new neural-network architecture suitable for learning and generalization is discussed and developed. Although similar to the radial basis function (RBF) net, our computational model called the net with complex weights (CWN) has demonstrated a considerable gain in performance and efficiency in number of applications compared to RBF net. Its(More)
This paper presents a systematic test methodology targeting bus line interconnect defects using IDDT testing and Boundary Scan. Traditional test is unable to detect all possible defects, especially timing-related faults. Open and short defects on interconnects between embedded modules can be detected by IDDT testing. Boundary Scan can provide accessibility(More)
Scanning tunneling microscopes (STM) and atomic force microscopes (AFM) are used to study biological materials. These methods, often capable of achieving atomic resolutions, reveal fascinating information regarding the inner workings of these materials. However, both STM and AFM require physical contact to the specimen. In the case of STM the specimen needs(More)
An atmospheric pressure low-power, capacitively coupled RF plasma probe was designed and fabricated for selective-area chemical vapor deposition of materials at room temperature. The probe consisted of a gas channel with two electrodes forming a capacitor through the gas and channel wall. An inductor was used to match the capacitive electrodes to 50  RF(More)
Electric-field assisted decomposition of gas molecules such as SiCl4 and SF6 was used near a conducting AFM tip to directly deposit, etch and pattern nanometer-scale silicon structures. Deposition required around + 50 MV/cm (~ +30 V) while etching could be achieved at lower fields around 10 MV/cm (~ -10 V) with the voltage as applied to the tip. This(More)
It is generally accepted that electromechanical switches have superior off-to-on resistance ratios, very low leakage currents, and sub-threshold slope better than 0.1 mV/decade. It is also well-known that these switches tend to have large foot-print, large turn on voltages, low speeds (at best 0.1 0.01 s switching time) and are relatively unreliable and(More)
We report the design, fabrication and electrical characterization of novel three dimensional Micro-plasma Field Effect Transistor (MOPFET) devices that operate inside atmospheric RF helium plasma. Current versus voltage characterization of MOPFETs are demonstrated in this paper. High transconductance and reliable gate control over Ids can be obtained from(More)
This paper presents a review plus new data that describes the role hierarchical nanostructural properties play in developing an understanding of the effect of scale on the material properties (chemical, elastic and electrical) of calcified tissues as well as the interfaces that form between such tissues and biomaterials. Both nanostructural and(More)
A GaAs-based transistor, analogous to commercial silicon devices, has been fabricated with vapor-deposited cubic GaS as the insulator material. The n-channel, depletion mode, GaAs field-effect transistor shows, in addition to classical transistor characteristics, a channel mobility of 4665.6 square centimeters per volt per second, an interfacial trap(More)