Massom Moussavi

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In the digital system design world, VHDL (very high speed integrated circuit hardware description language) has become an essential tool for designers. Understanding VHDL will help students successfully find a well paying position in today's job market. Nevertheless, not all engineering schools, especially those without a graduate program, offer a VHDL(More)
The successful outcome of any educational program is highly dependent on how the students learn and how effectively they can function at the workplace after completion of their study. An appropriate delivery system plays a crucial role to understand and learn a subject. Integration of modeling in general and mathematical modeling in particular in(More)
This paper addresses the impacts of environmental legislation and vehicle emissions on the future of alternative fuels sucl~ as methanol, compressed natural gas, propane, electricity, hydrogen, and reformulated gasoline in the transportation industry, and it discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each type of fuel in terms of fuel efficiency, fuel(More)
Digital signal processing (DSP) is one of the most demanding areas in today's job market for electronic engineering graduates. Because of the need for this particular area, if not all but, most electrical/electronic engineering departments have already integrated this popular subject in their curriculum. To understand DSP, a good knowledge of advanced(More)
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