Massimo Vanzi

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This paper presents an automatic alignment procedure for a 4-Source Photometric Stereo technique to reconstruct the depth map in the Scanning Electron Microscopy. PS, based on the so-called reflectance map, used several images of a surface to estimate the surface depth at each image point. Lambertian reflectivity function is the simplest one. In the SEM one(More)
This paper presents a study of the high temperature degradation of high brightness light emitting diodes (HBLEDs) on gallium nitride. Two different families of devices, from two leading manufacturers, have been submitted to thermal stress: during treatment, the optical and electrical characteristics of the devices have been analyzed. Degradation modes(More)
In a previous paper [1] a procedure to extract the third dimension from back-scattered electron has been proposed. The 3D recovery process involves the acquisition of four images and the computation of surface gradients; thus, a specific algorithm finds the depth map of the given surface. The image acquisition process may require or specific instrumentation(More)
The paper could limit itself to repeat the complaint that originated the first "Rules of the Rue Morgue", maybe updating the scenario of the many end users currently exposed to the risk of failed failure analyses. Nevertheless, some constructive proposals will be also pointed out, as those exposed by a recent paper (Cassanelli et al., 2005) that, dealing(More)