Massimo Sorbara

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This article explores the recently issued ITU-T Recommendations specifying “” (G.9701 [1] and G.9700 [2]) that bring user bit rates up to 1 Gb/s over twisted pairs from the distribution point to customer premises. The overview and some key research challenges of are discussed in [3]. The standardized transmission method and advanced(More)
A new electrophoretic technique for the determination of the glyoxalase I (GLO1) polymorphism on mixed agarose and starch gel is applied to the genetic study of "Provinces Françaises" and some other human populations. Four rare electrophoretic variants are revealed; two of them (GLO1*4, GLO1*5), both new, are discussed. In the "Provinces Françaises" the(More)
This contribution addresses filtering requirements to meet the ETSI and ANSI specifications on transmit signal power spectral density (PSD) for VDSL systems employing multicarrier modulation techniques. It is shown that the specifications can be met with simple fixed filtering elements. Conformance with the various PSD masks is achieved by proper adjustment(More)
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