Massimo Santarsiero

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A very simple optical setup for the measurement of the modulus and the phase of the two-point correlation function of a partially coherent light field is presented. The system consists of a slightly modified version of a Young interferometer and requires a single Young mask in order to determine the correlation function at any pairs of points. Experimental(More)
The propagation of partially coherent and partially polarized beams after a linear deterministic periodic structure is investigated. Spatial irradiance, degree of polarization and state of polarization across the transverse plane are obtained at the exit plane of the structure as well as after paraxial propagation beyond it.
It is shown that Hermite-Gaussian beams, Laguerre-Gaussian beams, and certain linear combinations thereof are the only finite-energy coherent beams that propagate, on free propagation, in a shape-invariant manner. All shape-invariant beams have Gouy phase of the universal c arctan(z/zR) form, with quantized values for the prefactor c. It is also shown that,(More)
The Cylindrical Wave Approach is a numerical-analytical technique for the simulation of forward scattering by buried cylindrical targets. Such a technique implements the cylindrical-wave expansions to deal with the scattered field by circular cross-section cylinders in different environments. The method is capable to solve reflection and transmission from(More)
We present a number of results relating to the difference of two Gaussian Schell-model cross-spectral densities (CSDs). They allow us to specify conditions under which such a difference represents itself in a valid CSD. In particular, a sufficient condition is derived for the non-negative definiteness of the resulting CSD, for any admissible choice of the(More)
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