Massimo Ruzzene

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Full wavefield measurements obtained with either an air-coupled transducer mounted on a scanning stage or a scanning laser vibrometer can be combined with effective signal and imaging processing algorithms to support characterization of guided waves as well as detection, localization and quantification of structural damage. These wavefield images contain a(More)
In most cases authors are permitted to post their version of the article (e.g. in Word or Tex form) to their personal website or institutional repository. Authors requiring further information regarding Elsevier's archiving and manuscript policies are encouraged to visit: a b s t r a c t The manuscript reports the outcome of investigations on the phononic(More)
This paper presents a novel time-frequency procedure based on the warped frequency transform (WFT) to process multi-mode and dispersive Lamb waves for structural health monitoring (SHM) applications. The proposed signal processing technique is applied to time waveforms recorded at an array of scan points after waveguide excitation. The WFT is combined with(More)
Due to their apparent complexity, diffuse fields are not commonly used by conventional structural health monitoring methodologies. However, recent theoretical and experimental studies have demonstrated that local Green's functions (GFs) can be estimated from the cross-correlation of elastic diffuse fields (CDFs) recorded between any points of a sensor grid(More)
Dedicated to my step father (deceased) who did say I should go and do something big and believed in me. To my long time friend Arlene (deceased) who also encouraged me. Still have your text message! To all past teachers, and the glory of God. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS This acknowledgement is going to be long. First I would like to thank our Lord and Savior Jesus(More)
Plane wave propagation in a chiral lattice is investigated through the application of Bloch's theorem. Two-dimensional dispersion relations are estimated and analyzed to illustrate peculiar properties of chiral or non-centrosymmetric configurations and investigate the directional behavior of wave propagation for varying geometric parameters. Special(More)
Structural health monitoring systems employing embedded guided wave transducers are being considered for aerospace applications. If these systems detect changes that are potentially caused by damage, rapid follow-up inspection is desirable; however, the suspected damage location may be inaccessible. A method is proposed whereby one or more of the embedded(More)
The band structure of a phononic crystal can be controlled by tuning the mechanical stiffness of the links connecting its constituting elements. The first implementation of a phononic crystal with adaptive connectivity is obtained by using piezoelectric resonators as variable stiffness elements, and its wave-propagation properties are experimentally(More)
A frequency-steerable acoustic transducer (FSAT) is employed for imaging of damage in plates through guided wave inspection. The FSAT is a shaped array with a spatial distribution that defines a spiral in wavenumber space. Its resulting frequency-dependent directional properties allow beam steering to be performed by a single two-channel device, which can(More)