Massimo Poli

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The purpose of this research was to investigate the phenomenon of misbehavior described by Breland and Breland (1961). Rats were trained to obtain ball-bearings and drop them in a hole for food or water reinforcers. In confirmation of the Brelands' observation, many subjects were slow to deliver the balls, and frequently attempted to chew them before they(More)
Three experiments examined the effects of superimposing free reinforcement (Free VI 30-sec) on behavior maintained by a response dependent mult VI 2-min VI 2-min schedule of reinforcement. Experiment I used pigeons as subjects, key pecking as the response, and colors of response key as the stimuli associated with the multiple-schedule components. When free(More)
This paper addresses the gate-level design of Carry Select Adders aiming at minimizing its delay through a proper selection of the Full Adder groups sizes. It starts from a rigorous timing analysis of the Carry Select Adder, from which a preliminary procedure is formulated to build an incomplete nearly-optimum adder. Then, the required number of bits is(More)
—In this paper, the energy consumption of RC ladder networks, which can represent chains of transmission gate or long wire interconnections, is modeled. Their energy dependence on the input rise time is analyzed by assuming a ramp input waveform. Since the analysis can be carried out in a straightforward manner only for very simple RC ladder networks, the(More)