Massimo Paltrinieri

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We evaluated colour vision in 35 dry-cleaners exposed to perchloroethylene (PCE) and in a paired number of controls matched for sex, age, alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking. A subclinical colour vision loss, mainly in the blue-yellow range, was present in dry-cleaners. This effect was related to PCE exposure levels, and appeared at environmental(More)
We propose a generic static type system for Constraint Logic Programming including subtyping and parametric polymorphism. The rst aim of this prescriptive type system is to detect type errors statically in CLP programs. The system introduces a type discipline on the way CLP programs and libraries can be composed, while still maintaining the ability to type(More)
Scheduling is the task of assigning resources to operations. When the resources are mobile vehicles, they describe routes through the served stations. To emphasize such aspect, this problem is usually referred to as the routing problem. In particular, if vehicles are aircraft and stations are airports, the problem is known as aircraft routing. This paper(More)
This paper describes the solution to the problem of predictive and reactive aircraft routing developed in OMAR (Operative Management of Aircraft Routing), a system implemented by Bull HN in collaboration with Alitalia. The basic philosophy is to look at aircraft routing as a Constraint Satisfaction Problem (CSP) and to employ the most effective CSP(More)