Massimo Palestini

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Multifrequency bioelectrical impedance was used to predict changes in body water compartments during renal dialysis. Weight loss during dialysis was assumed to be water loss. Predicted total body water (TBW) from impedance after dialysis did not differ significantly from TBW determined by deuterium oxide dilution. However, the predicted change in TBW from(More)
The anticonvulsant activity of a salt of valproic acid (VA), magnesium valproate (MgV), was assessed against amygdala-kindled seizures in rats. The anti-epileptic power of MgV was compared with that of sodium valproate (NaV). Kindling was obtained by delivering daily to one of the amygdala a 2 s train of monophasic square-wave pulses (1 ms, 60 c.p.s.,(More)
BACKGROUND Cancer incidence in patients submitted to chronic hemodialysis still remains a subject of debate: there is evidence for increased risk, but the results are still controversial. Adoption of a specific surveillance protocol would appear useful. MATERIALS AND METHODS In our Department we prospectively followed patients subject to long-term(More)
Arylsulfatase A and B activities have been determined in urine samples from four patients who received a Kidney allograft from living donors as a treatment for terminal uraemia. The values have been compared with those obtained in the urine of the respective donors. Two patients, with optimal renal functionality, the enzymatic activities were in the order(More)
The present study discusses the 24-h patterns of blood pressure in chronic uremic patients classified as normotensives by means of casual sphygmomanometric measurements. Data obtained enabled us to affirm that the blood pressure of normotensive chronic uremic patients is not normal due to a wider distribution, the occurrence of supraphysiologic values(More)
The recovery cycle of the amplitude of the potential evoked in the cerebral neocortex by paired electrical stimuli of the underlying white matter was studied in 5 epileptic patients with intracerebral electrodes chronically implanted stereotactically. A reproducible pattern was apparent for the late components of the potential (i.e., the peak-to-peak(More)
LCAT activity is impaired in chronic renal failure. Our data show that LCAT activity is restored in successful renal transplant patients. Hence, relationship between kidney and LCAT activity can be postulated, but the underlying mechanisms are not yet fully clarified.