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Competition Policy: Theory and Practice
This is the first book to provide a systematic treatment of the economics of antitrust (or competition policy) in a global context. It draws on the literature of industrial organisation and onExpand
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Endogenous Quality Choice: Price vs. Quantity Competition
Two versions of a vertical product differentiation model, one with fixed and the other with variable costs of quality, are analyzed to study how the hypotheses of price versus quantity competitionExpand
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Leniency Programs and Cartel Prosecution
We study the enforcement of competition policy against collusion under Leniency Programs, which give reduced fines to firms revealing information to the Antitrust Authority. Such programs give firmsExpand
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Foreign direct investment and spillovers through workers’ mobility
We analyze a model where a multinational firm can use its superior technology in a foreign subsidiary only after appropriate training of local managers. Technological spillovers from foreign directExpand
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Does economic integration cause foreign direct investment
The authors analyze the effect of economic integration on oligopolists' international trade and foreign direct investment activities, using a three-country, three-firm model. Increased country sizeExpand
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Multinationals without Advantages
We question the widespread argument that firms embarking on foreign direct investments must possess some specific advantages to offset the penalties of operating across national and culturalExpand
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Exclusive Dealing and Entry When Buyers Compete
Rasmusen et al. (1991) and Segal and Whinston (2000) show that an incumbent monopolist might exclude entry of a more efficient competitor, by exploiting externalities among buyers. We show that theirExpand
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Multinational firms and the tariff-jumping argument : A game theoretic analysis with some unconventional conclusions
A game is analysed in which a foreign multinational chooses between direct investment in, and exporting to, the host country, while a domestically based potential entrant decides whether or not toExpand
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Does environmental dumping lead to delocation
Environmental dumping is often viewed as an instrument used by some countries in the attempt to attract foreign investments. Stated otherwise, the delocation of firms would be a major outcome of aExpand
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Cooperative R&D and vertical product differentiation
Abstract A partial equilibrium model with vertical product differentiation, Coumot competition and quality determined by R&D expenses is analysed. Cooperative agreements on R&D entail higher levelsExpand
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