Massimo Massimelli

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This report on a male head revealed biologic rhythms, as gleaned from hydrogen isotope ratios in hair, consistent with a South-American origin and Atomic Mass Spectrometry radiocarbon dating (AMS) compatible with the last pre-Hispanic period (1418-1491 AD, 95.4% probability). Biopsies showed exceptionally well-preserved tissues. The hair contained high(More)
Brugada syndrome is a congenital arrhythmogenic disease, characterized by alterations in sodium channels in the absence of structural myocardial changes. It leads to ventricular electrical instability, causing arrhythmias with high risk of sudden cardiac death. Patients affected by Brugada syndrome show electrocardiographic alterations either at baseline or(More)
BACKGROUND The subject was a hospital surgeon who, in the course of routine outpatient surgery with aspiration to collect right lumbar material in a patient with suspected TB infection, accidentally punctured the fifth finger of the left hand with the needle used for this procedure. This led to involvement of the fifth finger of the left hand restricted to(More)
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