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Motion estimation is a key technique in most algorithms for video compression and particularly in the MPEG and H.261 standards. The most frequently used technique is based on a Full Search Block Matching Algorithm which is highly computing intensive and requires the use of special purpose architectures to obtain real-time performance. In this paper we(More)
This paper describes the deployment of a Service Oriented Architecture in the specific context of the 'Business Communities', i.e. Communities of heterogeneous actors that cooperate in the same business area. The architecture is based on XML and Web Services technologies. More specifically the paper analyzes the structure and the requirements of Business(More)
Invited Paper In this paper, we consider the evolution of telephone networks from time-division multiplexing circuit switching to packet switching and, in particular, to packet switching-based on Internet Protocol (IP-supported telephony). We analyze IP-supported tele-phony design solutions by proposing a layered reference model in which each layer is(More)
Invited Paper The recent progress of RISC technology has led to the feeling that a significant percentage of image processing applications, which in the past required the use of special purpose computer architectures or of " ad hoc " hardware, can now be implemented in software on low cost general purpose platforms. We decided to undertake the study(More)