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MassiMo Magni is an assistant professor of management and technology at Bocconi university and SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan, Italy. He earned his Ph.D. in management information systems at luISS, rome. His research interests include technology-enhanced behaviors, information systems and development projects, and adoption and acceptance of new(More)
Firms are increasing their investments in collaboration technologies in order to leverage the intellectual resources embedded in their employees. Research on post-adoption use of technology suggests that the true gains from such investments are realized when users explore various system features and attempt to incorporate them into their work practices.(More)
Improvisation is rapidly becoming an important issue for both scholars and practitioners. Organizations that operate in turbulent environments must learn to swiftly adapt and respond to such instability, especially in areas as innovation and new product development. In such contexts traditional top-down, carefully-planned approaches to innovative projects(More)
Self-service technologies (SSTs) enable individuals to be independent and act at their own pace in their own time in consuming services that would ordinarily require delivery through a human resource. One emerging trend in SSTs is the implementation of such technologies to support individual training and learning, thus adapting to individuals' needs and(More)