Massimo Magni

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MassiMo Magni is an assistant professor of management and technology at Bocconi university and SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan, Italy. He earned his Ph.D. in management information systems at luISS, rome. His research interests include technology-enhanced behaviors, information systems and development projects, and adoption and acceptance of new(More)
Prior research in technology use by individuals has predominantly focused on social influence as perceived by the individual. We take an alternative perspective and drawing from literature on normative influence and social networks, we develop cross-level hypotheses related to the effects of team level social influence on extensiveness of individual(More)
Improvisation et performance dans les équipes de développement de logiciels : le rôle de la dispersion géographique Abstract Software development teams are increasingly faced with unanticipated obstacles to effectiveness that require extemporaneous actions. Team improvisation has been identified as an important team situated response to emergent challenges(More)
Firms are increasing their investments in collaboration technologies in order to leverage the intellectual resources embedded in their employees. Research on post-adoption use of technology suggests that the true gains from such investments are realized when users explore various system features and attempt to incorporate them into their work practices.(More)