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Medication–overuse headache (MOH) is one of the headache forms that most frequently prompts patients to consult a specialist headache centre. The prevaence of this form in the general population is approximately 1–2%. Around 40% of patients seen at headache centres present with a chronic form of headache and 80% of this chronic headache patients make(More)
<lb>In a context of intensive and global economic competition, European countries are growingly concerned with the<lb>consequences of increasing numbers of young people temporarily or permanently prevented from entering the<lb>job market and the difficulties faced by college and university graduates to find adequate employment. This<lb>study is concerned(More)
This paper describes briefly an attempt to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of the blended-learning-model characterizing the project OpenCampus. It was not possible to follow the methodology accepted by the main literature because of a lack of accessible cost data. For this reason a perceived cost-effectiveness ratio was estimated.
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