Massimo Lama

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OBJECTIVE In 16% to 34% of patients with classic symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), neurophysiology is negative. Few studies have concentrated on patients with symptoms compatible with CTS with normal examinations. The purpose of our study was to examine the clinical and surgical characteristics of this subtype of CTS in order to clarify a correct(More)
We present the next case: male, 30 years old, primary APLA syndrome diagnosed after 6 months of treatment with recurrent haemodialysis. The patient, who had a history of vascular thrombosis, presented with thrombotic problems in his arteriovenous fistula made as vascular access for hemodialysis. The discovery of celic trunk and superior mesenteric artery(More)
The aneurysms of the middle meningeal artery are extremely rare. 30 pseudoaneurysms of the middle meningeal artery (MMA) are reported in literature. These are post-traumatic lesions different from the true aneurysms that have a different origin. In fact they can be associated with arteriovenous malformations, Paget's disease and tumors; nevertheless in some(More)
The authors report 3 cases of subdural tension pneumocephalus developed after surgery for subdural chronic hematomas. The mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of this complication are discussed; the importance of the computed tomography in the assessment of the subdural tension pneumocephalus is stressed. Surgery is always indicated in cases of increased(More)
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