Massimo Gurioli

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We experimentally observe a sizable and reversible spectral tuning of the resonances of a two-dimensional photonic crystal microcavity induced by the introduction of a subwavelength size glass tip. The comparison between experimental near-field data, collected with ␭ / 6 spatial resolution, and results of numerical calculations shows that the spectral shift(More)
We employ a far-field analysis of the angular emission pattern to experimentally assess the symmetry of localized modes in coupled photonic-crystal cavities. We demonstrate that the spatial distribution of localized modes in photonic-crystal nanocavities may change from a bonding to an antibonding orbital, a feature that is unusual in quantum mechanical(More)
Tailoring the electromagnetic field at the nanoscale has led to artificial materials exhibiting fascinating optical properties unavailable in naturally occurring substances. Besides having fundamental implications for classical and quantum optics, nanoscale metamaterials provide a platform for developing disruptive novel technologies, in which a combination(More)
The insertion of a metal-coated tip on the surface of a photonic crystal microcavity is used for simultaneous near field imaging of electric and magnetic fields in photonic crystal nanocavities, via the radiative emission of embedded semiconductor quantum dots (QD). The photoluminescence intensity map directly gives the electric field distribution, to which(More)
A revisited realization of the Young's double slit experiment is introduced to directly probe the photonic mode symmetry by photoluminescence experiments. We experimentally measure the far field angular emission pattern of quantum dots embedded in photonic molecules. The experimental data well agree with predictions from Young's interference and numerical(More)
A systematic optical study, including micro, ensemble and time resolved photoluminescence of GaAs/AlGaAs triple concentric quantum rings, self-assembled via droplet epitaxy, is presented. Clear emission from localized states belonging to the ring structures is reported. The triple rings show a fast decay dynamics, around 40 ps, which is expected to be(More)
We report on the achievement of a continuously tunable photonic molecule from an homoatomic to an heteroatomic condition. A complete control of the local mode tuning of two nominally identical photonic crystal microcavities on slab is obtained by a combination of different techniques. Homoatomic molecules are obtained by compensating the photonic disorder(More)
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