Massimo Giulianelli

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Collagens are among the most widely present and important proteins composing the human total body, providing strength and structural stability to various tissues, from skin to bone. In this paper, we report an innovative approach to bioactivate planar surfaces with oriented collagen molecules to promote cells proliferation and alignment. The(More)
The Oriented architecture of macromolecules plays a critical role in many aspects of Nanobiotechnology such as in the development of biosensors. To this regard, S-layers which constitute the outermost cell envelope component of many prokaryotic organisms, represent unique self assembled systems with the capability to rearrange into monomolecular and(More)
The number of arthroplasties is rapidly increasing, however most materials used for such applications lack in osseointegration. The improvement of the bone/implant interface has received great attention for many years, with special reference to titanium-based implants. The interface between bone and implant has been considered both by physical approaches(More)
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