Massimo Felici

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Accountability has emerged as a critical concept related to data protection in cloud ecosystems. It is necessary to maintain chains of accountability across cloud ecosystems. This is to enhance the confidence in the trust that cloud actors have while operating in the cloud. This paper is concerned with accountability in the cloud. It presents a conceptual(More)
Evolution is one of the major issues affecting system dependability as well as engineering activities and environments. The most common understanding considers evolution as a phenomenon that needs to be avoided. By contrast this paper takes into account evolution as a necessary feature of computerbased systems. This paper reviews a taxonomy of evolution(More)
In order realistically and cost-effectively to realize the ATM (Air Traffic Management) 2000+ Strategy, systems from different suppliers will be interconnected to form a complete functional and operational environment, covering ground segments and aerospace. Industry will be involved as early as possible in the lifecycle of ATM projects. EUROCONTROL manages(More)
The future development of air traffic management (ATM), set by the ATM 2000+ Strategy, involves a structural revision of ATM processes, a new ATM concept and a system approach for the ATM network. This requires ATM services to go through significant structural, operational and cultural changes that will contribute towards the ATM 2000+ Strategy. Moreover,(More)
Designing secure and dependable IT systems requires a deep analysis of organizational as well as social aspects of the environment where the system will operate. Domain experts and analysts often face security and dependability (S&D) issues they have already encountered before. These concerns require the design of S&D patterns to facilitate designers when(More)
Cloud governance, and in particular data governance in the cloud, relies on different technical and organizational practices and procedures, such as policy enforcement, risk management, incident management and remediation. The concept of accountability encompasses such practices, and is essential for enhancing security and trustworthiness in the cloud.(More)
This paper concerns decision-making processes that rely on trust. In particular, it analyzes how different aspects of trust (e.g., trust, trustworthiness, trustworthy evidence) influence trust decisions, and acting on them eventually. It proposes a trust decision model that structures the analysis of contextualized trust problems. Rather than seeking a(More)