Massimo Fabris

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In this paper semi-linear norms, a class of functions to weight the terms occurring in a program, are defined and studied. All the functions in this class have the nice property of allowing a syntactical characterization of rigid terms, that is terms whose weight does not change under substitution. Based on these norms, a general proof method for(More)
Laser scanning methodology allows to reconstruct the metric characteristics of objects at different LOD (Level Of Detail) providing spatially dense points clouds. In particular, the terrestrial application carried out in the last years have demonstrated the potentialities of the methodology useful in many different sectors. This tecnique has been used also(More)
Results of recent monitoring activities on potentially unstable areas of the NW volcano flank of La Fossa cone (Vulcano Island, Italy) are shown here. They are obtained by integration of data by aerial photogrammetry, terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) and GPS taken in the 1996–2011 time span. A comparison between multi-temporal models built from remote(More)
Automated procedures for photogrammetric image processing and Digital Elevation Models (DEM) extraction yield high precision terrain models in a short time, reducing manual editing; their accuracy is strictly related to image quality and terrain features. After an analysis of the performance of the Digital Photogrammetric Workstation (DPW) 770 Helava, the(More)
The constructive negation rule has been introduced by Chan 5, 6] to overcome the main drawbacks of the negation-as-failure rule: the unsoundness of oundering programs and, consequently , the inability of providing answers for non-ground negative queries. In this paper we deene a bottom-up semantics for constructive negation which we prove sound and complete(More)
Laser scanning methodology which has been used in different sectors, allow surveying an object by means of very dense and accurate point clouds acquisitions. The alignment and co-registration in a defined reference system allow generating a 3D model of the object, with the possibility to associate the radiometric information useful in many applications. In(More)