Massimo F. Bertino

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We investigated Raman scattering from human blood as a function of parameters that are relevant for forensic field analysis, such as substrate, sample dilution, individual from which the sample originates, and age of the sample. Peaks characteristic of blood components and in particular the hemoglobin peaks were routinely detected when blood was deposited(More)
Raman spectroscopy for forensic body fluid analysis has received some attention due to the nondestructive nature and potential application for identification at the crime scene; however, its usage has been limited by low detection sensitivity. Surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) was evaluated for blood identification for forensic applications.(More)
Highly luminescent semiconductor quantum dots have been synthesized in porous materials with ultraviolet and x-ray lithography. For this, the pore-filling solvent of silica hydrogels is exchanged with an aqueous solution of a group II metal ion together with a chalcogenide precursor such as 2-mercaptoethanol, thioacetamide or selenourea. The chalcogenide(More)
During our effort to synthesize the tetrahedral Au20 cluster, we found a facile synthetic route to prepare monodisperse suspensions of ultrasmall Au clusters AuN (N < 12) using diphosphine ligands. In our monophasic and single-pot synthesis, a Au precursor ClAu(I)PPh3 (Ph = phenyl) and a bidentate phosphine ligand P(Ph)2(CH2)(M)P(Ph)2 are dissolved in an(More)
We demonstrate that a photonic lattice with short- and long-range harmonic modulations of the refractive index facilitates formation of flat photonic bands and leads to slow propagation of light. The system can be considered a coupled-resonator optical waveguide (CROW): photonic bands with abnormally small dispersion are created due to the interaction of(More)
BACKGROUND The conjugation of gold nanoparticles with biocides such as natural products, oligosaccharides, DNA, proteins has attracted great attention of scientists recently. Gold NPs covered with biologically important molecules showed significant enhancement in biological activity in comparison with the activity of the free biocides. However, these(More)
We present analytical and numerical studies of a photonic lattice with shortand long-range harmonic modulations of the refractive index. Such structures can be prepared experimentally with holographic photolithography. In the spectral region of the photonic bandgap of the underlying single-periodic crystal, we observe a series of bands with anomalously(More)
Macroporous TiO₂ (anatase) thin films are fabricated by an all low-temperature process in which substrates are dip-coated in suspensions of mixed anatase nanoparticles and polystyrene beads, and the templating agents are removed by ultraviolet (UV) irradiation at a temperature below 50 °C. Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Raman spectroscopy show that(More)
Patuletin isolated from Tagetespatula was used as a capping and reducing agent to synthesize in one pot gold nanoparticles capped with patuletin. Conjugation of gold with patuletin was confirmed by FT-IR and UV-visible spectroscopy and amount of patuletin conjugated to gold nanoparticles was found to be 63.2% by weight. Particle sizes were measured by(More)