Massimo Esposito

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BACKGROUND Reliable cardiac output monitoring is particularly useful in the cirrhotic patient undergoing liver transplant surgery, because cirrhosis of the liver is associated with a vasodilated and high output state, known as cirrhotic cardiomyopathy, that challenges the reliability of pulse contour cardiac output technology. The contractility of the(More)
This paper presents semantic models, mechanisms and a service to locate mobile entities in Smart and Intelligent Environments. The key feature of the service is the semantic integration of different positioning systems that not only enables the environment to handle transparently such physical positioning systems, but also to reason on location information(More)
Smart Home environments aim to integrate physical devices, human beings and computing entities in homes and buildings. They have to support characteristics coming from mobile computing, ubiquitous computing and sensor networking in order to provide intelligent, context-aware and pro-active applications. In this vision, "context" plays a central role; but,(More)
Premium IP networks provide users with a portfolio of services, thanks to their intrinsic capability to perform a service creation process while relying on a QoSenabled infrastructure. The most natural interface between users and Premium IP networks is represented by the Service Level Agreement (SLA). In order to allow an effective exploitation of such(More)
Medical images can nowadays be automatically segmented but a semantic identification of their parts remains an open question. We think an approach based on the integration of OWL ontologies and SWRLrules can be applied to model medical knowledge and to label medical images. Nevertheless, negation and non-monotonic operators are not included in SWRL language(More)
Assisted Living provides a long-term care option that combines supportive systems and services for monitoring and assessing the health status with activities of daily living and health care. Daily monitoring of the health status in subjects characterized by chronic and/or degenerative conditions is not possible in all those cases where the disease(More)
Recently, the usage of innovative decision support systems (DSSs) for monitoring the subject's health status in the daily living is becoming a common practice to provide real aid in chronic patients' management. Rule-based implementations of such DSSs simulate the decision-making process described in clinical guidelines by also allowing new/existing rules(More)
With the aim of assessing whether fenoldopam can help to preserve renal function after liver transplantation, we randomized 140 consecutive recipients with comparable preoperative renal function to receive fenoldopam 0.1 microg/kg/minute (group F, 46 patients), dopamine 3 microg/kg/minute (group D, 48 patients), or placebo (group P, 46 patients) from the(More)