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Edutainment is a neologism that expresses the marriage of education and entertainment. In particular edutainment is a form of entertainment designed to educate as well as to amuse and typically seeks to instruct or socialize its audience by embedding lessons in some familiar form of entertainment: television programs, computer and video games, films, music,(More)
The continuous increase of digital information requires technologies and techniques that can easily and quickly manage them. One of the most important and hot topic in this field is the introduction of techniques for text classification. The aim of this paper is the design and the implementation of a method for text classification. In particular we used an(More)
We describe an automatic algorithm able to learn university courses ontologies from experimental data. This algorithm is based on the use of the Bayesian networks formalism for representing ontologies, as well as on the use of a learning algorithm that infers the corresponding probabilistic model starting from the results final courses tests. According a(More)
Nowadays the e-learning approach can be considered an effective answer to the continuous demand of life long learning. Thanks to the information communication technologies progress a new approach can be considered: the t-learning (television learning). In fact the spreading of the interactive television (ITV) and the new generation of set top box allow the(More)
The Campania region in Italy offers one of the largest and most valuable cultural heritages in the world. However the peculiarities of the heritage and the significant lack of resources affecting cultural heritages' administrations make the strategies currently adopted for the maintenance and the promotion of these sites highly insufficient. It is current(More)
The ability to create customized product configurations fulfilling user's needs is a major aim sought by many companies, especially the design and implementation of web-based services that allows users to create and customize in a simple and intuitive way a desired product. To define a common vocabulary that opens possibilities such as the ability to(More)
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