Massimo De Nardi

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The National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST, is assigned by the US Department of Energy, DoE, to drive Smart Grid developments and harmonization efforts in the power industry. Distributed Generation has been identified as one of the important areas for the Smart Grid developments. Multiple generation sources, bi-directional power flow, power(More)
Cryotherapy is commonly used as a procedure to relieve pain symptoms, particularly in inflammatory diseases, injuries and overuse symptoms. A peculiar form of cold therapy or stimulation was proposed 30 years ago for the treatment of rheumatic diseases. The therapy consists in the exposure to very cold air in special cryochambers. The air is maintained at(More)
From March 1993 to February 1997, 43 eligible patients with inoperable stage IIIA (ten patients) and stage IIIB (33 patients), histologically confirmed NSCLC received 3 courses of the ICE combination (ifosfamide 1.5 g m(-2) and mesna 750 mg m(-2) two times a day, cisplatin 25 mg m(-2) and etoposide 100 mg m(-2), all administered intravenously (i.v.) on days(More)
  • M Nardi
  • 1981
The dominant eye of these patients, successfully treated for strabismic amblyopia, has become myopic, while the previous amblyopic eye is now emmetropic: monocular visual acuity of the latter is good, but binocular vision, without correction, is equal to that of the non-corrected dominant myopic eye. During binocular vision the dominant eye maintains(More)
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