Massimo De Marchi

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In the last years, the concept of <i>smart buildings</i> has been proposed and proved to be an effective solution to tackle the problem of reducing the power consumption of complex (both residential and commercial) buildings, while providing the users with a very high level of comfort. In this context, knowing the exact position of users inside the(More)
Constant pressure and temperature molecular dynamics techniques have been employed to investigate the changes in structure and volumes of two globular proteins, superoxide dismutase and lysozyme, under pressure. Compression (the relative changes in the proteins' volumes), computed with the Voronoi technique, is closely related with the so-called protein(More)
Vitality form is a term that describes the style with which motor actions are performed (e.g., rude, gentle, etc.). They represent one characterizing element of conscious and unconscious bodily communication. Despite their importance in interpersonal behavior, vitality forms have been, until now, virtually neglected in neuroscience. Here, using the(More)
Milk coagulation properties (MCP) are fundamental in cheese production, particularly in countries where a large amount of milk is destined to cheese industry. Several studies have demonstrated the role of MCP on cheese yield and quality. Lasting years, a general worsening of MCP at the herd and animal level has been detected. The coagulation of milk is(More)
Every day, travelers use Public Transport Systems to reach their destinations. Public Transport Authorities generally use passive wayfinding devices, including ambient displays, to provide useful information for travelers, such as the number of vehicles in the vicinity of a stop and their estimated times of arrival. However, due to both the complexity of(More)
The aim of the study was to infer (co)variance components for daily milk yield, fat and protein contents, and somatic cell score (SCS) in Burlina cattle (a local breed in northeast Italy). Data consisted of 13576 monthly test-day records of 666 cows (parities 1 to 8) collected in 10 herds between 1999 and 2009. Repeatability animal models were implemented(More)
Action and speech may take different forms, being expressed, for example, gently or rudely. These aspects of social communication, named vitality forms, have been little studied in neuroscience. In the present functional magnetic resonance imaging study, we investigated the role of insula in processing action and speech vitality forms. In speech runs,(More)
Authors reviewed the genetic aspects of milk coagulation ability focusing on heritability and genetic correlation values and on the breed and milk protein loci effects on rennet coagulation time and curd firmness. The review discussed milk and cheese yield production all over the world concluding that the per capita retail demand for cheese will increase(More)
Genetic relationships among four Veneto native breeds of chickens were studied on the basis of microsatellites polymorphisms. A total of 190 DNA samples (45 Robusta Lionata, 43 Robusta Maculata, 45 Ermellinata di Rovigo, 45 Pèpoi) and a commercial broiler line (12 Golden Comet) were genotyped at 20 microsatellite loci. The average number of alleles per(More)
The Burlina (BUR) is a local Italian cattle breed, its main feature is to be a small sized animal well adapted to live in difficult environment such as mountain areas. Nowadays only 350 cows are enrolled in the Italian Herd Book due to its substitution by more productive breeds. This study proposes a phenotypic and genetic characterization of the BUR breed(More)