Massimo D’Apuzzo

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− A digital-signal-processing method for assessing bluetooth transmitters modulation quality is presented and validated. Thanks to the use of the Short Time Fourier Transform (STFT), a typical time-frequency representation (TFR), the instantaneous frequency trace of the bluetooth signal is first attained; the most significant parameters peculiar to(More)
The study reported here explored the design and realization of a low-cost, electromyographically controlled hand prosthesis for amputees living in developing countries. The developed prosthesis is composed of a light aluminum structure with opposing fingers connected to a DC motor that imparts only the movement of grasp. Problems associated with surface(More)
Modulation quality in most of digitally encoded cellular systems is examined by measuring the phase error and the frequency error of the transmitted signal. Phase error is an indication of how accurately the individual bits modulate the radio-frequency carrier; frequency error is the difference between the specified carrier frequency and the actual carrier(More)
II Abstract III ABSTRACT The research activity accounted for in this Ph.D. thesis belongs to the general field of electrical and electronic measurements. The attention is focused, in particular, on performance evaluation and troubleshooting of radiofrequency digital communication transmitters, a fundamental issue in applied research and industrial(More)
Power and carrier frequency transients are very common in modern wireless transmitters. Transients can be responsible for harmful interference on transmitting and receiving devices operating on adjacent channels. This is the reason why the standard issued by the European Telecommunication Standard Institute (ETSI) on electromagnetic compatibility and radio(More)
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