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The concept of a SOC platform architecture introduces the concept of a communication infrastructure. In the transaction-level a finite set of architecture components (memories, arithmetic units, address generators, caches, etc) communicate among each other over shared resources (buses). Until recently, modeling architectures required pin-level hardware(More)
After years of research, full electric vehicles are starting to be commercialized. The main limitations that full electric vehicles have are large costs, limitations in battery technologies, limited driving range and lack of adequate electrical infrastructure. This work, starting from the state of the art of the connection protocols between electric vehicle(More)
In the last years power dissipation has assumed a more and more relevant role in the design of complex integrated circuits, within the which embedded systems represent an important category. Among the currently available design languages, SystemC represents a suitable choice for the modelling of embedded architectures, due to the to its capability to model(More)
The specification on power consumption of a digital system is extremely important due to the growing relevance of the market of portable devices and must be taken into account since the early phases of a complex System-on-Chip design. In this paper some guidelines are provided for the integration of the information on power consumption in the executable(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was undertaken to determine factors associated with in-hospital mortality among patients after general thoracic surgery and to construct a risk model. METHODS Data from a nationally representative thoracic surgery database were collected prospectively between June 2002 and July 2005. Logistic regression analysis was used to predict(More)
Artificial (or biological) Neural Networks must be able to form by learning internal memory of the environment to determine decisions and subsequent actions to stimuli. By assuming that environment is essentially stochastic it follows that the mathematical framework for learning information from environment is the theory of stochastic processes(More)
The SystemC modules of the Link Manager Layer and Baseband Layer have been designed in this work at behavioral level to analyze the performances of the Bluetooth standard. In particular the probability of the creation of a piconet in presence of noise in the channel and the power reduction using the sniff and hold mode have been investigated.
— A rigorous formulation of the parametric yield for very large scale integration (VLSI) designs including the mismatch effect is proposed. The theory has been carried out starting from a general statistical model relating random variations of device parameters to the stochastic behavior of process parameters. The model predicts a dependence of correlation,(More)