Massimo Conti

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The concept of a SOC platform architecture introduces the concept of a communication infrastructure. In the transaction-level a finite set of architecture components (memories, arithmetic units, address generators, caches, etc) communicate among each other over shared resources (buses). Until recently, modeling architectures required pin-level hardware(More)
The specification on power consumption of a digital system is extremely important due to the growing relevance of the market of portable devices and must be taken into account since the early phases of a complex System-on-Chip design. In this paper some guidelines are provided for the integration of the information on power consumption in the executable(More)
Artificial (or biological) Neural Networks must be able to form by learning internal memory of the environment to determine decisions and subsequent actions to stimuli. By assuming that environment is essentially stochastic it follows that the mathematical framework for learning information from environment is the theory of stochastic processes(More)