Massimo Cocchi

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We examined the maximum bolometric peak luminosities during type I X-ray bursts from the persistent or transient luminous X-ray sources in globular clusters. We show that for about two thirds of the sources the maximum peak luminosities during photospheric radius expansion X-ray bursts extend to a critical value of 3.79±0.15×10 erg s, assuming the total(More)
Chitosan can favorably modulate plasma lipids, but the available data are not conclusive. We evaluated the effect of chitosan on plasma lipids and lipoproteins in 28 patients with plasma triglyceride levels >150 mg/dL (mean age: 63 ± 12 years), not taking other lipid-lowering agents. All patients received a chitosan derived from fungal mycelium (Xantonet,(More)
BACKGROUND Cigarette smoking is believed to cause oxidative stress by several mechanisms, including direct damage by radical species and the inflammatory response induced by smoking, and would therefore be expected to cause increased lipid peroxidation. The aim was to carry out the first study of the relationship of smoking in humans to the level of n-3(More)
In our study we have evaluated the theme of the platelet fatty acid composition in subjects with a clinical diagnosis of Major Depression (MD), in subjects with a clinical diagnosis of Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD) according to the coronary angiography and in control subjects. We have analyzed all the groups without taking in account therapies, gender and(More)
This work aims to be a reflection concerning a remarkable similarity between platelet and neuron. Through a series of experimental tests which have affected the fatty acid composition of the membrane of platelets, it was possible to provide a contribution to the scientific literature, which had already reported strong similarities between platelet and(More)
A correlation between dietary lipids and cellular enzyme activities is a problem that has only been partially addressed by nutritionists. Therefore, changes in the fatty acid composition and the activities of some key metabolic enzymes (ubiquinol-2-cytochrome c reductase (EC, cytochrome oxidase (EC and ATPase (EC in the(More)
CoQ10 is intrinsic to human tissues and is a vitamin, according to the basic science of nutrition. It is known that CoQ10, plays a role in the respiratory process, moreover it seems to be involved in the mechanism of blood coagulation. As a vitamin a deficiency of CoQ10 may be related to some disease, that is, first of all, a disease is bioenergetics. It(More)
Cystic fibrosis (CF) is characterized by abnormal levels of essential fatty acids (EFA) in plasma phospholipids. The reduced availability of EFA has been reported to alter patterns of circulating and tissue esterified acids and may determine profound changes in membrane fluidity and cell signaling mechanisms. In the current study, the results of a new(More)
In this work, we propose that for further studies of the physiopathology and treatment for inflammatory bowel diseases, an integral view of the conditions, including the triad of microbiota–heat shock proteins (HSPs)–probiotics, ought to be considered. Microbiota is the complex microbial flora that resides in the gut, affecting not only gut functions but(More)