Massimo Cellario

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The last few decades witnessed the birth and growth of a new sensibility to transportation efficiency. In particular, the need for efficient and improved people and goods mobility pushed researchers to address the problem of intelligent transportation systems. This paper surveys the most advanced approaches to the (partial) customization of road following(More)
78 1094-7167/01/$10.00 © 2001 IEEE IEEE INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS avoidance technologies, enhance the driver’s ability to sense the surrounding environment. Driver assistance and automation technologies simulate the driver’s sensorimotor system to operate a vehicle either temporarily during emergencies or for prolonged periods. Such new information and control(More)
This paper presents an evolutionary approach able to process a digital image and detect tracks left by preceding vehicles on ice and snow in Antarctica. Biologically inspired by a colony of ants able to interact and cooperate to determine the shortest path to the food, this approach is based on autonomous agents moving along the image pixels and iteratively(More)
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