Massimo Calamante

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The ability of Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory (TD-DFT) to provide excited state geometries and reproduce emission energies of organic D-π-A dyes designed for DSSC applications is evaluated. The performance of six functionals (CAM-B3LYP, MPW1K, ωB97X-D, LC-BLYP, LC-ωPBE, and M06-HF) in combination with three basis sets (cc-pVDZ, 6-31+G(d,p), and(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common malignancies worldwide. Although hepatectomy and transplantation have significantly improved survival, there is no effective chemotherapeutic treatment for HCC and its prognosis remains poor. Sustained activation of telomerase is essential for the growth and progression of HCC,(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Gemcitabine is the standard of care for metastatic and nonresectable pancreatic tumors. Phase II and III trials have not demonstrated efficacy of recently developed reagents, compared with gemcitabine alone; new chemotherapic agents are needed. Ninety percent of pancreatic tumors have telomerase activity, and expression correlates with(More)
We report a joint experimental and computational study into the spectroscopic properties of a prototypical D5 organic dye, both in solution and adsorbed on a TiO2 surface, with the aim of modeling and quantifying the UV/Vis spectral shifts that occur in the different explored environments. Going from the dye in solution to dye-sensitized TiO2, various(More)
Three new thiazolo[5,4-d]thiazole-based organic dyes have been designed and synthesized for employment as DSSC sensitizers. Alternation of the electron poor thiazolothiazole unit with two propylenedioxythiophene (ProDOT) groups ensured very intense light absorption in the visible region (ε up to 9.41 × 10(4) M(-1) cm(-1) in THF solution). The dyes were(More)
The present research is focused on automation, miniaturization, and system interaction with high throughput for multiple and specific Direct Immersion-Solid Phase Microextraction/Fast Gas Chromatography analysis of the urinary ketones. The specific Mass Spectrometry instrumentation, capable of supporting such the automated changeover from Negative Chemical(More)
Dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) have attracted significant interest in the last few years as effective low-cost devices for solar energy conversion. We have analyzed the excited state dynamics of several organic dyes bearing both cyanoacrylic acid and siloxane anchoring groups. The spectroscopic properties of the dyes have been studied both in solution(More)
Many pharmaceutical agents include piperazines or oxopiperazines as part of their core structures. The presence of substituents on these heterocycles has a significant influence on the biological activity, thus the search for efficient routes to control the substitution at different ring positions might have a crucial impact, especially to promote the use(More)
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