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INTRODUCTION Developmental stuttering (DS) is viewed as a motor speech-specific disorder, although several lines of research suggest that DS is a symptom of a broader motor disorder. We investigated corticospinal excitability in adult DS and normal speakers. METHODS Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) was administered over left/right hand(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the effects of positive expiratory pressure on the leakage of fluid around cuffs of different tracheal tubes, in mechanically ventilated patients and in a benchtop model. DESIGN Randomized clinical trial and experimental in vitro study. SETTING Intensive care unit of a university hospital. PATIENTS Forty patients recovering in the(More)
PURPOSE Ineffective respiratory efforts during expiration (IEE) are a problem during mechanical ventilation (MV). The goal of this study is to validate mathematical algorithms that automatically detect IEE in a computerized (Better Care®) system that obtains and processes data from intensive care unit (ICU) ventilators in real time. METHODS The Better(More)
OBJECTIVES Paroxetine has been reported to be useful for management of stuttering symptoms, but only a few reports have examined its effects. We have investigated the efficacy of paroxetine in a randomized, placebo-controlled study. METHODS Five stuttering subjects received paroxetine at 20 mg once daily at night for 12 weeks, and 5 received placebo. The(More)
PURPOSE Because the use of IgM and IgA enriched polyclonal intravenous immunoglobulins (eIg) is a standard of care in critically ill patients admitted to our intensive care unit (ICU) with the diagnosis of severe sepsis or septic shock, we investigated if the delay from the onset of severe sepsis and septic shock and their administration could influence the(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Candidemia represents an important cause of morbidity and mortality. To-date, the highest rates of candidemia occur in elderly patients, but there are few data on such patient population. The aims of this study were to evaluate the epidemiology, treatment and outcome of candidemia in an elderly patient population. METHODS Nosocomial(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE The aim of this prospective observational study was to evaluate the utility of derived dead space indexes to predict survival in mechanically ventilated patients with acute lung injury (ALI) and ARDS. STUDY POPULATION Thirty-six patients with ALI (Murray score, > or =1; Pao(2)/fraction of inspired oxygen [Fio(2)] ratio, < 300) in critical(More)
We introduce a novel approach to automatically detect ineffective breathing efforts in patients in intensive care subject to assisted ventilation. The method is based on synthesising from data temporal logic formulae which are able to discriminate between normal and ineffective breaths. The learning procedure consists in first constructing statistical(More)