Massimo Aria

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Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate-diaphorase (NADPH-d) is a key enzyme in the synthesis of the gaseous neurotransmitter nitric oxide. We compare the distribution of NADPH-d in the brain of four species of hylid frogs. NADPH-d-positive fibers are present throughout much of the brain, whereas stained cell groups are distributed in well-defined(More)
The present study aimed at evaluating possible behavioural differences between guide dogs living in a kennel and interacting with a trainer and those living in a house and interacting with a blind person and their family, when they are faced with an unsolvable task. Fifty-two Labrador retrievers were tested: 13 Trained Guide dogs at the end of their(More)
The paper investigated drivers' speed behaviour in a section of a rural highway crossing a small urban community in the existing scenario without any traffic calming device and in two different design scenarios with traffic calming in the urban community. Two gateways and four integrative traffic calming devices along the route within the urban area were(More)
Aim of the study was to investigate, by means of a driving simulator experiment, drivers' behaviour in terms of speed, deceleration, and lateral position on major approaches of rural intersections in relation to different perceptual cues. In the experiment, ten different design conditions with and without speed-reducing treatments along the approach to the(More)
Riassunto: La segmentazione con criterio di split a due stadi si propone di definire procedure di classificazione/regressione ad albero in cui i predittori giocano un ruolo globale e locale nella spiegazione della variabile dipendente. Ciò avviene attraverso l'impiego di indici statistici, modelli parametrici e tecniche fattoriali. Il presente lavoro mostra(More)
Data Fusion and Data Grafting are concerned with combining files and information coming from different sources. The problem is not to extract data from a single database, but to merge information collected from different sample surveys. The typical data fusion situation formed of two data samples, the former made up of a complete data matrix X relative to a(More)
  • M Aria, E L Van Der, +15 authors P Ecorelli
  • 2001
Background. Although the value of primary cytoreductive surgery for epithelial ovarian cancer is beyond doubt, the value of debulking surgery after induction chemotherapy has not yet been defined. In this random-ized study we investigated the effect on survival of de-bulking surgery. Methods. Eligible patients had residual lesions measuring more than 1 cm(More)