Massimiliano Salerno

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Multi Robot Systems are, nowadays, an important research area within Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Although Multi Robot Systems can be regarded as a particular case of Multi Agent Systems, it seems appropriate to study the Multi Robot Systems from a specific viewpoint, because of the issues which arise from the embodiment of agents operating in real(More)
Wnt signaling pathway plays a critical role in numerous cellular processes, including tumor initiation, proliferation, invasion/infiltration, metastasis formation and resistance to chemotherapy. In a drug discovery project aimed at the identification of inhibitors of the canonical Wnt pathway, we selected a series of quinazoline 2,4-diones as starting point(More)
Sarcomas are mesenchymal tumors showing high molecular heterogeneity, reflected at the histological level by the existence of more than fifty different subtypes. Genetic and epigenetic evidences link aberrant activation of the Wnt signaling to growth and progression of human sarcomas. This phenomenon, mainly accomplished by autocrine loop activity, is(More)
Confidence in mechanism: Creating a more holistic understanding of disease pathophysiology and an early confidence in the mechanism under investigation could help facilitate the selection of not only the most appropriate targets but also the best mechanisms for disease intervention and how to select and optimise the best compounds. Drug target and candidate(More)
The canonical Wnt signaling pathway plays a fundamental role in embryonic as well as in adult development. Consequently, dysregulation of the pathway has been linked to a wide spectrum of pathological conditions. In a program aimed at the identification of small molecule inhibitors of the canonical Wnt pathway we identified a series of 2-aminopyrimidine(More)
Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common and prognostically unfavorable form of brain tumor. The aggressive and highly invasive phenotype of these tumors makes them among the most anatomically damaging human cancers with a median survival of less than 1 year. Although canonical Wnt pathway activation in cancers has been historically linked to the(More)
DigesTip is a new device for in-solution protein digestion, based on a patent pending technology, able to immobilize enzymes (trypsin, in this case) on a solid surface, keeping their activity preserved. DigesTip is a standard pipette tip, usable both by human and by robots. Its main performances are: very short digestion time (1 min) and usability with low(More)
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