Massimiliano Rossi

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In this review we discuss the state of the art of the optical whole-field velocity measurement technique micro-scale Particle Image Velocimetry (microPIV). microPIV is a useful tool for fundamental research of microfluidics as well as for the detailed characterization and optimization of microfluidic applications in life science, lab-on-a-chip, biomedical(More)
A lab-on-a-chip application for the investigation of biochemical and mechanical response of individual endothelial cells to different fluid dynamical conditions is presented. A microfluidic flow chamber design with a tapered geometry that creates a pre-defined, homogeneous shear stress gradient on the cell layer is described and characterized. A(More)
This paper presents an embedded system for a ballbot robotic platform, which is a balanced omnidirectional mobile robot that moves on a sphere. It provides a higher degree of maneuverability compared to the wheeled mobile robots. The robot balances it on a ball and gives to the system only one contact point with the ground. This allows to reduce the(More)
An evaporating droplet is a dynamic system in which flow is spontaneously generated to minimize the surface energy, dragging particles to the borders and ultimately resulting in the so-called "coffee-stain effect". The situation becomes more complex at the droplet's surface, where surface tension gradients of different natures can compete with each other(More)
A combination of cutting edge developments is presented to characterize three-dimensional (3D) temperature and velocity fields in microscopic flows. An emulsion of non-encapsulated thermo-liquid crystal (TLC) micro spheres, with a narrow size distribution is used to track the flow's motion and temperature distribution. A state-of-the-art light engine, which(More)
FIG. 1. The GDPTV method is based on a single-camera setup for determining the 3D particle positions via defocused particle images, where the particle images change as function of the depth coordinate. To get a target particle position, the particle image is compared to a set of calibration images by use of the normalized cross-correlation. The out-of-plane(More)
This paper reports a new low-cost passive microfluidic mixer design, based on a replication of identical mixing units composed of microchannels with variable curvature (clothoid) geometry. The micromixer presents a compact and modular architecture that can be easily fabricated using a simple and reliable fabrication process. The particular clothoid-based(More)
Rocío Bolaños-Jiménez1, Massimiliano Rossi2, David Fernandez Rivas3, Christian J. Kähler2 and Alvaro Marin4,† 1Área de Mecánica de Fluidos, Departamento de Ingeniería Mecánica y Minera, Universidad de Jaén, Jaén, Spain 2Institute for Fluid Mechanics and Aerodynamics, Bundeswehr University Munich, Germany 3Mesoscale Chemical Systems Group, Mesa +, University(More)
We present a new recursive generation algorithm for prefix normal words. These are binary strings with the property that no substring has more 1s than the prefix of the same length. The new algorithm uses two operations on binary strings, which exploit certain properties of prefix normal words in a smart way. We introduce infinite prefix normal words and(More)