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The federation of Cloud resources can be treated at different levels of abstractions. In this paper we focus on application programming interfaces for building Cloud-based applications using services from multiple Cloud providers. A full stack of APIs is proposed to decouple the development of a Cloud-based application from its deployment and execution. A(More)
The cloud paradigm appeared on the computing scene in 2005 with the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) . After this date, a large set of related technologies has been developed. In the academic world, and especially in the HPC area, cloud computing is in some way in competition with the GRID model, which offers a middleware based approach. One of the(More)
The breakthrough of Cloud comes from its service oriented perspective where everything, including the infrastructure, is provided “as a service”. This model is really attractive and convenient for both providers and consumers, as a consequence the Cloud paradigm is quickly growing and widely spreading, also in non commercial contexts. In such a scenario, we(More)
Ideas coming from volunteer computing can be borrowed and incorporated into the Cloud computing model. The result is a volunteer Cloud where the infrastructure is obtained by merging heterogeneous resources offered by different domains and/or providers such as other Clouds, Grid farms, clusters, and datacenters, till single desktops. This new paradigm(More)
The diversity of Cloud computing services is challenging the application developers as various and non-standard interfaces are provided for these services. Few middleware solutions were developed until now to support the design, deployment and execution of service-independent applications as well as the management of resources from multiple Clouds. This(More)
Cross platform APIs for cloud computing are emerging due to the need of the application developer to combine the features exposed by different cloud providers and to port the codes from one provider environment to another. Such APIs are allowing nowadays the federation of clouds to an infrastructure level, requiring a certain knowledge of programming the(More)
Cloud computing delegates the management of any kind of resources, such as the computing environment or storage systems for example, to the network. The wide-spread permeation of the cloud paradigm implies the need of new programming models that are able to utilize such new features. Once the problem of enabling developers to manage cloud resources in a(More)