Massimiliano Pieraccini

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Ground-based radar interferometry is an increasingly popular technique for monitoring civil infrastructures. Many research groups, professionals, and companies have tested it in different operative scenarios, so it is time for a first systematic survey of the case studies reported in the literature. This review is addressed especially to the engineers and(More)
The deployment of 3D optical scanning technologies for measuring three-dimensional shapes of sculptures of high morphological complexity, have seen recently a development so noticeable that it emerges as one of the most promising methods for the analysis and preservation of the Cultural Heritage. In spite of an undoubted richness of information produced(More)
In this paper the use of a continuous-wave microwave sensor as a non-contact tool for quantitative measurement of respiratory tidal volume has been evaluated by experimentation in seventeen healthy volunteers. The sensor working principle is reported and several causes that can affect its response are analyzed. A suitable data processing has been devised(More)