Massimiliano Pianciamore

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Knowledge management is widely recognized as a critical issue in any kind of organization. It has to do with structuring information, ensuring that it is available to all potential users, easily accessible, and presented in such a way that all data relevant to the requesting users are effectively returned in a reasonable amount of time. When dealing with(More)
In the last years the event-based paradigm has been largely studied and considered as a promising approach to develop the communication infrastructure of distributed systems. It is particularly interesting when easy reconfiguration and decoupling among components is required. In fact, it allows events to be propagated in a way that is completely hidden to(More)
Multimedia information retrieval is vital for, among many other fields, design and engineering processes. Studies show that members of product development teams spend more and more time for information gathering and have less and less time for the creative aspects of their work. Here the combination of the still emerging Semantic Web [1] technologies and(More)
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