Massimiliano Nitti

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A large number of methods for circle detection has been studied in the last years for numerous image processing applications. The application domain considered in this paper is the soccer game. To identify the ball in soccer images is very important in order to evaluate the goal event. This domain is challenging as a great number of problems has to be(More)
In this paper, we investigate on the feasibility of multiple camera system for automatic offside detection. We propose six fixed cameras, properly placed on the two sides of the soccer field (three for each side) to reduce perspective and occlusion errors. The images acquired by the synchronized cameras are processed to detect the players' position and the(More)
Over the last few years research has been oriented toward developing a machine vision system for locating and identifying, automatically, defects on rails. Rail defects exhibit different properties and are divided into various categories related to the type and position of flaws on the rail. Several kinds of interrelated factors cause rail defects such as(More)
During soccer matches a number of doubtful situations arise that cannot be easily judged by the referee committee. An automatic visual system that checks objectively image sequences would prevent wrong interpretations due to perspective errors, occlusions, or high velocity of the events. In this work we present a real time visual system for goal detection.(More)
Inspection of the rail state in order to detect defects is one of the basic tasks in railway maintenance. Rail defects exhibit different properties and are divided in various categories relating to the type and position of flaws on the rail. In this paper, we propose a technique, based on texture analysis of rail surface, to detect and classify a particular(More)
The environmental 3-D reconstruction is a strategic task in many contexts, above all, in infrastructure inspection and vehicle/robot automatic motion. In this paper, we present a patented sensor capable to recover 3-D data with a very high profile acquisition rate and perform an omnidirectional highly accurate environmental reconstruction: these skills are(More)
In this paper we present a multi-people-tracking algorithm which is able to detect and track humans in complex situations with varying light conditions, high frame rate, and real time processing. We propose a stochastic approach for foreground people tracking based on the evaluation of the maximum a posteriori probability (MAP). The algorithm evaluates(More)
In this paper a fast and innovative three-dimensional vision system, having high resolution in the surface reconstruction, is discussed. It is based on a triangulation 3D laser scanner with a linear beam shape. The high precision (few microns) is guaranteed by very small laser line width, small camera pixel-size and proper optical properties of the(More)