Massimiliano Dibitonto

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Improvements in bandwidth and computing led towards a growth of technological solutions in services. Also, users developed expectations and skills in their interaction with technology. Despite web and mobile technology makes available a great deal of advanced and engaging apps (e.g., social and geo-localized), less-sophisticated and appealing systems (e.g.,(More)
Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) changes analogical radio in a new media where images, video and hypertext contents are added to the "traditional" audio services. The shift to the digital broadcasting technology has shown several advantages such as an enhancement in the audio quality, an increased number of available stations and availability of brand new(More)
In this paper we describe the prototype of a location-based M-tourism application called My Italy, developed by the Usability and Accessibility Laboratory (LUA) University of Rome Sapienza. My Italy is a mobile multimedia tourist guide capable of supplying the mobile user with context-aware information during travel in a fast and easy way. My Italy was(More)
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