Massimiliano Dal Mas

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Nowadays folksonomy is used as a system derived from user-generated electronic tags or keywords that annotate and describe online content. But it is not a classification system as an ontology. To consider it as a classification system it would be necessary to share a representation of contexts by all the users. This paper is proposing the use of(More)
The folksonomy is the result of free personal information or assignment of tags to an object (determined by the URI) in order to find them. The practice of tagging is done in a collective environment. Folksonomies are self constructed, based on co-occurrence of definitions, rather than a hierarchical structure of the data. The downside of this was that a(More)
Semantic networks can simulate the human complex frames in reasoning process providing efficient association and inference mechanisms. Ontology can be used to fill the gap between human and computational intelligence for a task domain. For an evolving environment it is important to understand what knowledge is required for a task domain with an adaptive(More)
In a Web Advertising Traffic Operation it’s necessary to manage the day-to-day trafficking, pacing and optimization of digital and paid social campaigns. The data analyst on Traffic Operation can not only quickly provide answers but also speaks the language of the Process Manager and visually displays the discovered process problems. In order to solve a(More)