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We study the offline and online versions of the well known problem of scheduling a set of n independent multiprocessor tasks with prespecified processor allocations on a set of identical processors in order to minimize the makespan. Recently, in [13], it has been proven that in the case when all tasks have unit processing time the problem cannot be(More)
The ability to profitably manage the level of resources in a service system can be considered a strategic skill in all those organizations, including no-profit ones and Public Administrations, that aim at providing an added value service to customers as well as balancing the level of service (in terms of quality) with costs. In this paper we will focus on a(More)
In this work we consider the following hazmat transportation network design problem. A given set of hazmat shipments has to be shipped over a road transportation network in order to transport a given amount of hazardous materials from specific origin points to specific destination points, and we assume there are regional and local government authorities(More)