Massimiliano Borsani

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The MITOchondrial genome database of metaZOAns (MitoZoa) is a public resource for comparative analyses of metazoan mitochondrial genomes (mtDNA) at both the sequence and genomic organizational levels. The main characteristics of the MitoZoa database are the careful revision of mtDNA entry annotations and the possibility of retrieving gene order and(More)
Functional status, perception of adjustment, occupational outcome and social functioning were investigated in a group of spinal cord injury (SCI) patients (mean age 34, range 10-74 years) seen at a specialised spinal unit over the period January 1984-December 1988. Functional status was assessed using a standardised scale measuring patients' performance of(More)
"Signal” alignments play critical roles in many clinical setting. This is the case of mass spectrometry (MS) data, an important component of many types of proteomic analysis. A central problem occurs when one needs to integrate (MS) data produced by different sources, e.g., different equipment and/or laboratories. In these cases, some form of "data(More)
Summary form only given: Mass Spectrometry (MS)-based technologies represent a promising area of research in clinical analysis. They are primarily concerned with measuring the relative intensity (i.e., signals) of many protein/peptide molecules associated with their mass-to-charge ratios. These measurements provide a huge amount of information which(More)
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