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The total neutron-Nucleus cross section has been calculated within an approach which takes into account nucleon-nucleon correlations, Glauber multiple scattering and in-elastic shadowing corrections. Nuclear targets ranging from 4 He to 208 P b and neutron incident momentum ranging from 3 to 300 GeV /c, have been considered. Correlations have been(More)
A detailed analysis of the effect of short-range and tensor correlations on one- and two-nucleon momentum distributions of medium-weight nuclei (12<or=A<or=40) is carried out. Although our Letter is primarily aimed at understanding the role of the tensor force on nucleon momentum distributions of medium-weight nuclei, the possible relevance of our results(More)
We discuss a new approach to final state interactions, that keeps explicitly into account the virtuality of the ejected nucleon in quasi-elastic A(e, e ′ p)X scattering at very large Q 2 , and we present some recent results, at moderately large Q 2 values, for the nuclear transparency in 4 He, 16 O and 40 Ca and for the momentum distributions of 4 He. 1(More)
We developed a Monte Carlo event generator for production of nucleon configurations in complex nuclei consistently including effects of Nucleon-Nucleon (NN) correlations. Our approach is based on the Metropolis search for configurations satisfying essential constraints imposed by short-and long-range NN correlations, guided by the findings of realistic(More)
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