Masroor Ikram

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We here investigate polarimetric behavior of thick samples of porcine liver, Intralipid, and microsphere-based tissue phantoms whose absorption and scattering properties are matched. Using polarized light we measured reflection mode Mueller matrices and derived linear/circular/total depolarization rates, based on polar decomposition. According to our(More)
Mueller matrix polarimetry along with polar decomposition algorithm was employed for the characterization of ex vivo normal and adenocarcinoma human colon tissues by polarized light in the visible spectral range (425-725 nm). Six derived polarization metrics [total diattenuation (DT ), retardance (RT ), depolarization(ΔT ), linear diattenuation (DL),(More)
An angle-measuring technique based on an optical interferometer is reported. The technique exploits a Michelson interferometric configuration in which a right-angle prism and a glass strip are introduced into a probe beam. Simultaneous rotation of both components along an axis results in an optical path difference between the reference and the probe beams.(More)
A carousel interferometer is designed to find the unknown angle and axis of rotation simultaneously. A set consisting of a compensator glass plate and a right-angle prism is placed in each of the two arms of the interferometer while located at the same rotational stage. When rotation takes place individual and relative optical path differences are generated(More)
Radiofrequency (RF) ablation offers a potential treatment for cardiac arrhythmia, where properly titrated energy delivered at critical sites can destroy arrhythmogenic foci. The resulting ablation lesion typically consists of a core (coagulative necrosis) surrounded by a rim of mixed viable and non-viable cells. The extent of the RF lesion is difficult to(More)
Characterization of tissues like brain by using magnetic resonance (MR) images and colorization of the gray scale image has been reported in the literature, along with the advantages and drawbacks. Here, we present two independent methods; (i) a novel colorization method to underscore the variability in brain MR images, indicative of the underlying physical(More)
A diffusely backscattered polarized beam of laser radiation from a turbid medium has been characterized by optics calculus. The Stokes and Mueller parameters of polarized light are represented as a column matrix and the optical turbid medium as a 4/spl times/4 matrix. The tissue like turbid phantom system is considered homogeneous and the scattering medium(More)
We have studied the depolarization of light from nitrobenzene in a Kerr cell. We observed that absorption in nitrobenzene is electric-field dependent. For modeling a nitrobenzene device we formulated a Mueller matrix for the Kerr-cell assembly, and by operating it on a Stokes vector of the input light we obtained a corresponding Stokes vector for the output(More)
We present structural, morphological, optical absorption and Raman study of 200 MeV Ag(15+) ion irradiated PrFeO(3) thin film of around 200 nm thickness deposited on LaAlO(3) [001] substrate by using the pulsed laser deposition technique. X-ray diffraction studies shows that it has an orthorhombic structure with Pbnm space group and is grown with(More)